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The Uniondale Area ..

Uniondale is located on the fringe of the Little Karoo and the Garden Route in the Western Cape of South Africa. Set amidst mountains, reaching Unondale is inevitably via one or other magnificent mountain pass. It is a small country town with a friendly and proud community. A common observation by visitors is the cleanliness of the town.


The little town of Uniondale has most of the facilities required to provide a convenient lifestyle:

  • Banks (First National Bank, Standard Bank and ABSA Bank)
  • Post Office
  • Various cafes, coffee shops, restaurants, small supermarkets and general stores
  • Municipal offices and library
  • Lawyer
  • Police station and Correctional Services
  • Churches
  • Schools
  • Sports grounds and swimming facilities
  • Hospital and doctor
  • Garage and filling stations
George and Oudtshoorn are within easy reach of the town and provide a larger business, shopping and entertainment variety. 110km from George and Oudtshoorn and 77km from Knysna.

The surrounding area is diverse and at places magnificent. Roads lead through beautiful ravines overflowing with vivid colours and extraordinary sandstone rock formations. Flowering aloes and other plants abound.

Uniondale has a reasonably comfortable climate. Summer days can get quite warm but a breeze normally cools the air just before sunset leaving the evenings pleasant. Winter days can get cold (snowfalls occur in the surrounding mountains) but most winter days are sunny.

The area has a relatively low rainfall of between 250 and 450mm a year but is still well watered by many perennial streams. The main rainfall occurs during the winter months, but thundershowers often occur during summer.

The main farming activities in the surrounding area include lifestock (game, ostrich, cattle, horses, sheep, goats), fruit (mainly apples and peaches) and various other growing products.



Uniondale is a quiet, clean and friendly town. Invest in this area and enjoy country life while your investment grows.

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